If you're in the market for a truly unique pet, the Tri-State Reptile Expo in Amarillo, TX, would be a great place to find the snake, lizard, spider or other exotic of your dreams:

Reaching out to northwest Texas and surrounding states, we bring you the Tri-State Reptile Expo LLC! TSRE is one of the largest reptile shows in Texas! You will be able to meet and speak with local and national breeders alike conveniently located in one central area.

With both common and not-so-common species of reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates, dry goods, enclosures, racks, feeder insects & feeder rodents there is no telling what you may find at the Tri-State Reptile Expo LLC. Enormous snakes, adorable amphibians, dragon-like lizards, and even the cute and cuddly are bound to make an appearance at TSRE. Whether you come to buy or browse we'll have it all!

As the owner of both a leopard gecko, a pink-toed tarantula and about a dozen Madagascar cockroaches, I can tell you that these types of critters can be a real joy. However, they require specialized care and food, so research your ideal pet before you commit.

Tickets are available through Tri-State Reptile Expo's official webpage. The event will be held at Amarillo's Civic Center (401 S Buchanan) October 5th-6th.

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