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There's a screenshot accusation going around Facebook that claims that Trinity Church is poisoning pigeons on their property.

Of course, anyone with a brain bigger than a bird's realizes that there's no such thing as pigeons-only poison, and that any bird eating it would die. And the scary thing for many pet owners is the thought of their dog or cat eating that bird poison and getting secondary poisoning. Not to mention wildlife, like foxes and possums, might consume it.

However, as a nearly lifelong denizen of the internet, I realized that things get exaggerated, misconstrued and straight-up fabricated all the time, so I did something wild: I just asked Trinity Church Executive Pastor JD Small if they put poison out for birds.

Here's the email I received in response:

Renee Raven

And this is the text from the original post circulating somewhat anonymously around Facebook:

Trinity Meme

I'll let you come to your own conclusions about this, but I will say this: Trinity is a HUGE church. I'm one dumb heathen who emailed them from her personal email, not my "media" one. I don't think the executive pastor has any good reason to straight-up lie to me or really care what I think about how they run their business.

Perhaps they poisoned in the past, perhaps they will in the future. I hope they did not and will not, as there are obviously other solutions available.

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