Having a child is a momentous life change for anyone- it represents a huge responsibility for the new parents. And while I love being a mother to my child, it's certainly not for everyone. And I certainly don't want another kid myself.

Additionally, some women have health concerns that could make their pregnancy dangerous or even deadly. A person I love very much should not have any more children because of her blood pressure issues.

Birth control is certainly an option, but many BC's have failure rates that are too high to risk. Oral birth control can be rendered ineffective if you take other medications, herbal supplements or eat certain foods. If you absolutely cannot or do not want to get pregnant, there's an obvious solution- tubal ligation. But many doctors won't perform it on women of childbearing age. What is your option then? 

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The answer is that you find a doctor that WILL perform the tubal ligation you need or really want. Luckily, you don't have to call around and ask that awkward question- you can consult a crowd-sourced list of doctors who will perform the procedure for you. That list is here (click hyperlink).

It appears there are 112 doctors across Texas who are willing to perform tubal ligations. If you have an existing OB/GYN, you may choose to ask them first, especially if you have a health condition that could make pregnancy dangerous. And if they tell you "no" you can refer to the list.

Having a child(ren) is a hugely personal choice. You should have easy access to the best birth control for you, whether that's anything from abstinence to tubal ligation.

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