Retail reported a 12% increase in spending Black Friday Weekend.  We had record Cyber Monday Sales. Lubbock was named one of the U.S.'s fastest growing cities. Things are getting a little better. They're not great, but they seem to be getting better.  More after the jump.


When he was on the RockShow, our guest Henry Rollin's said it best "no matter who is elected President, the next day we're going to do what we always do, lace up our boots and get back to work".  It's true, it's time to move forward with a smile.  No one is really ruining America, no one is seceding and the sky is not falling.

Things may be changing a little, but the change is almost imperceptible.  Different generations want different things.  For instance in my day, we all wanted a wall full of c.d.s or albums (we just had to possess those things).  These days people are happy to have their music collection in one very small, compact place like an mp3 player or even on the cloud.  I didn't care for this change, I still like a new c.d. in my hand, but the change didn't hurt me.

The point is, there's no upside to walking around with her head down.  I've never understood the people who prepare for 'doomsday' or even some religious version of an afterlife when they have a perfectly good life right in front of them. Seriously, why buy guns to kill your neighbors if doomsday comes, when you can invite them over to a barbeque right now?

We're never going to get a system that everybody is happy with. Life is never going to be perfect.  The 'good ole days' weren't that great.   Most of all, you're going to have a hard time moving forward if you're dragging your feet.  There are those who make their living or get their rocks off by telling you how terrible things are. It's time to shut the negative voices out, put on a smile and live.  I hope you have a great weekend. I hope that great weekend helps you have a great week after and so on.


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