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There have been countless times in my life in which I've realized "Thank God for United!" That may sound dramatic, but it's really accurate for me.

When the 82nd & University location was built, it was the only place to get a non-gas station treat. I would walk between rows of cotton to spend a little bit of allowance at the bakery. It's a very fond memory of being rewarded for my self-reliance. It also makes me sound 9000 years old but 82nd street still had cotton fields in the 90s.

I also think about the time I was shopping for Thanksgiving, foolishly the day before, when the bread flour fell out of the cart and exploded in the parking lot. The kid driving the cart, in spite of me telling him not to worry about it, rushed back into the war zone to get me another bag quickly and without complaint. Because of him, I had pie.

There have also been dozens of times where the day got away from me and I was so relieved that Market Street was still open, and I could still get a high-quality, nutritious meal inexpensively and quickly.

The many times the free air at the gas pump kept me from blowing a tire on the road.

And I'd be dishonest if I did not testify to the healing properties of a United breakfast burrito after a long, overindulgent evening.

Did any of these events actually save my life? Well, maybe not, but they certainly made my life easier and better. But now United is literally saving lives by hosting vaccination clinics. From their press release:

United Supermarkets will host a COVID-19 vaccination clinic for anyone in phase 1a, 1b and school or childcare personnel on Friday, March 12 at Hodges Community Center, 4011 University Avenue in Lubbock from 11 a.m. until 7 p.m. Eligible recipients should call 866-277-2843 and select “option 1” to schedule an appointment time.

If this one gets full, don't despair. There's more clinics to come, and with United leading the charge, it'll be no time before you can get yours easily and conveniently.

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