Hidden sugar seems to be in almost everything we eat these days. Whether you are diabetic or just trying to get healthier, United Supermarkets now has friendly reminders on the shelf near the price tags to help you easily identify added sugars that you are trying to avoid.

A friend of mine has a diabetic son and in the past has complained about just how time-consuming it is to stare closely at all of the different packagings before purchasing his snacks at the store. She has to stay vigilant and know exactly what he is putting in his body to keep him healthy. United has made it a little bit easier for shoppers that are trying to maintain a special diet.

According to the CDC, adults in America consume roughly 13% of their calorie goal each day in added sugar alone. That's quite a bit. Some people might not even be aware they are eating that much sugar, especially when they are eating lots of highly processed foods with hidden ingredients.

I've been dieting myself for the past few months and I've found the new labels really useful. It makes shopping much easier, and I can quickly spot things that are better for me. I've even found some new items I never thought to buy before, just because of the new dark purple "No Added Sugar" labels.

Huge shout-out to United Supermarkets for helping the community make better decisions when it comes to what we put in our bodies. It's truly appreciated!

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