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Makeup brand Urban Decay will soon be launching a makeup collaboration in honor of the late musician/artist/icon/ sex god Prince. And I Would Die 4 It. Because not only does it have one of my favorite musicians all over it, it's also being produced by a high-quality and downright cool makeup brand. Urban Decay is my go-to for eyeshadow and foundation, making the brand most of what I wear on any given day.

Of course, the collaboration features eyeshadows in Prince's signature favorite color: purple, along with eyeliners and a few other items. Urban Decay is describing this limited edition launch as a "super-rare capsule" which leads me to believe it may be available in vault-style packaging as a group of products. The items will be available separately for sure. From Urban Decay:

Live loud in color with the ultimate collector’s item, the UD | PRINCE Collection. This limited-edition, super-rare capsule is a tribute to the creative genius of Prince. The collection was metciulously curated with The Prince Estate and features exclusive never-before-seen essentials inspired by his iconic style and unparalleled self-expression. The UD | PRINCE Collection is kaleidoscopic yet singular, just like Prince.

At first, I couldn't read the shade names, so I was ready to lose it if that pretty blue wasn't called "Computer Blue" after my favorite performance scene in Purple Rain. Luckily I could read the names thanks to Sephora, and I was granted my wish. That shimmery red? "Raspberry Beret" of course.

I slammed the "notify me" button on this one, as it will likely sell out immediately. You can even request a text when it's ready. The launch is set to drop on May 27, so you'll want to be ready to pounce if you want it. If you'd like a very throughout breakdown of the pricing and product descriptions, Temptalia.com has you covered.


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