TikTok account @LubbockEntertainment makes some really great videos on awesome things to do around town. From new business openings to special things you only find in the Hub City, they have become a favorite among locals for pointing out all the cool stuff our city has to offer.

We have no shortage of amazing artists here, and Lubbock Entertainment shared a video of what they believe are the best murals in town. Check it out below and let us know if you think any are missing! I think they did a pretty good job finding some of the best ones.

As great as those are, we could always use more. They make the town feel so much more fun and brighten up some of the cruddier streets. Is there a spot around town that you think could benefit from a nice mural? Let us know the comments on the FMX Facebook page.

Also, if you're an artist looking to make Lubbock a little more beautiful, feel free to drop your information in the comments as well. Maybe you can get hooked up with a business that wants to spruce itself up a bit. Lubbock isn't known for being the most beautiful city, but little things here and there can really go a long way to help us show off just how much talent we have in our city.

Plus, who doesn't like to take a selfie in front of a sweet mural when they are visiting a new city?

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