I dare someone to show me a car that is more decked out with Texas Tech garb than this one. Holy smokes! This is certainly a super-fan.

Lubbock resident Bekah Black noticed the vehicle and snagged a little video to share on Facebook. You may have noticed it around town lately. I bet the mystery owner is gearing up for the Texas Tech-Texas game on Tuesday night (February 1st). Students are literally camping outside waiting to get in. We're all just hoping they behave themselves and refrain from throwing things at former Texas Tech Men's Basketball head coach, Chris Beard.

[video width="672" height="1232" mp4="https://townsquare.media/site/157/files/2022/01/attachment-video-1643637012.mp4"][/video]

I'm willing to bet that whomever owns this ride is going to be front and center at the game this week, and I'm patiently waiting to see just what goes down with the fans. Texas Tech kids are known to get a little rowdy after a big win, so hopefully Lime Scooters don't take the brunt of their excitement.

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If you aren't planning on attending the game in person, that might be for the best. It's going to be completely packed and the booze will certainly be flowing. Be careful on the roads Tuesday night. We don't want to ruin the good time with a bunch of drunk driving accidents. Hopefully, LPD will be prepared to handle whatever mischief the students find themselves in at the conclusion of the biggest game of the year.

Good luck, guys. Make Chris Beard wish he hadn't dipped out and left us. You got this!




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