Oh boy! Who doesn't love a hot and fresh donut in the morning with that delicious Dunkin' coffee? You may be surprised to learn that those donuts actually come to the store frozen and pre-made.

TikToker @sophiafischett shares a day in her life working at two different jobs, one of which happens to be Dunkin'.

*Warning*: What you see in this video might make you cry a little bit and long for the good old days.

Comments on the video show the utter despair people are going through to learn that their favorite donuts are not made fresh, but let's not forget just how many customers they serve every single day and the time and cost-effectiveness of using frozen donuts. The video creator posted a comment in the thread about it taking her 3-5 hours just to heat up and prepare the frozen donuts. No small feat.

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Donut shops that make them fresh are most often open until they're sold out, but a chain doesn't have the same options as a mom and pop. And those Karens out there would be pretty pissed to learn they were out of donuts during their morning commute. It's safe to say that frozen donuts are probably the best option, but it didn't keep people from crying about it:

"Hold up, you telling me the donuts in the morning aren't fresh-made?" - Savanah


"Wait!!!! The donuts are FROZEN?! My life has been a lie." - UnapologeticallyHeather!


"The Dunkin' I worked at literally got shipments of donuts. We didn't even bake anything but muffins and bagels and croissants." - tori

Does the revelation rip your world apart? Will you still feel the same about Dunkin' the next time you go? Comment below or on our Facebook page if you still love those tasty little frozen donuts. I know I do. Who cares, right?

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