Guys, this is totally nuts.

Videos and photos of people hoarding gasoline are exploding across the internet. Gasoline hoarding has become the new toilet paper hoarding. Who wants to bet the same people are responsible for both behaviors?

You guys are real winners!

It only takes a few Google searches to find that you don't actually need to hoard gasoline, period. If you don't believe me, you can check it out here for yourself. If you don't like that article, you can find dozens of others.

Stop. Hoarding. Gas.

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Even though the video above was initially posted in 2019 by The Daily Mail, it's taken on new meaning in 2021.

The woman in the video is seen putting gasoline into plastic bags. Top-notch dumbass of the day material right there. What do you think her end plan was? Did she think the gas would survive months in those bags? What the f**k?

It's clearly labeled on gas pumps that you should only use a gas can. I've read it on a million pumps while I mindlessly pumped my own gas. In the United States, dangerous things are labeled to keep people from being dumb af, but that clearly didn't work in this scenario.

So chill out, dummies. You don't need to fill every vessel in your home with gasoline. You're creating a useless panic out of boredom, misinformation and the inability to use critical things skills -- or just an online search engine.

It's that simple. Look it up. Don't hoard gas, and if you just can't help yourself from following stupid hoarding trends that have been debunked across the internet, at least use a proper friggin' gas can.


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