Fifty-year-old Raul Carbajal of Corona Del Mar, California is facing big-time charges of animal abuse after his 3-month-old puppy was located locked in a hot car with its mouth taped shut while he gambled at a casino

The vehicle was parked on the roof of the parking garage at the Bellagio, in direct sunlight, when someone noticed the puppy and notified hotel security. The security guard was able to rescue the puppy by climbing through the sunroof.

The temperature in the car was 108 degrees, and the dog was left without food, water or air conditioning. Its mouth was taped shut, likely to keep it from barking.

Absolutely disgusting behavior.

If you don't believe in monsters, you should. This is a prime example of them walking among us. The complete and utter lack of caring is astounding. Most of us are ready to get out of our cars immediately after parking and turning off the engine. It gets hot fast without the air conditioner.

This is a staunch reminder to everyone to please never leave your pet unattended in your vehicle, especially in the summer heat. If you ever happen to come across an animal stranded in a car, contact the police immediately. People that do things like that do not deserve pets and turning a blind eye when you see something wrong will not help anything.

Here's to hoping the puppy found a new home with a loving family.

The video below shows the man walking to the car in silence before being arrested by the police.

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