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Walmart recently put there mask requirement into place recently and we knew this was going to be gold for Internet videos of crazy people going nuts all because they're being told to wear a mask. KVIA reported on the story.

The man in the video is 77-year-old Charles Madrid, and in the video, he's yelling "I've got the f***ing virus. I'm going to spit in your face." He acts like he's going to spit over and over again, and then it looks like he actually does.

Madrid also pulls out the "I'm an old man. He's hurting me. Please help me." After which he promptly rolls right into the "F*** you, you son of a b****." Classy.

I've spent some time trying to take a look at what's on his shirt and it appears to be Donald Trump's head on a boxer's body on the front, and "Put your money in the stock market asshold" on the back.

I googled what in the world that is supposed to mean but couldn't find anything on it. I couldn't even find a place to buy one, so did this guy make it? Also, did he spell a**hole wrong? So many questions around this video. Including, where do you draw the line between someone outrageously standing up for what the believe in (no matter how silly) and mental illness? And that's not a knock on Trump supporters. Both sides have this happen far more frequently than anyone would like to admit.


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