A Reddit page dedicated to people having total meltdowns in public, r/publicfreakout, shared a video of a super Karen changing the subject of a school board meeting about COVID-19 to something she felt was far more important: the mention of anal sex in a book that's available in the school's library.

Watch the video:

The woman reads an excerpt from page 39 of the book Out of Darkness, which details a relationship between an African-American boy and a Mexican-American girl in 1937 when a horrific explosion in East Texas killed roughly 300 children and school teachers. She then proceeds to freak out.

It's clear it isn't really about the content, but the fact that she herself does NOT agree with butt stuff or COVID-19 regulations:

"...I do not want my children to learn about anal sex in middle school. I have NEVER had anal sex, I don't want to have anal sex, I don't want my kids having anal sex..."

Let's take a few steps back and remember that she is in a meeting that was meant to discuss COVID-19 and she's a hardcore anti-vaxxer and conspiracy theorist. She believed that she would be making some kind of point by taking the light off the subject at hand and rambling on about something from a book that she didn't like. It's as if the pages from the story were, in her mind, killing people by the thousands.

But wait...

That's coronavirus.


Changing the subject of an argument and personally attacking the school board for focusing on public health problems and not the content of some book in the library is an excellent example of ad hominem, which is basically going after the character of the person you are arguing with in an attempt to gain relevance when your back is against the wall during a debate. She clearly didn't come to the meeting to discuss the pandemic. She came to try to make the school board look bad for allowing a book with a touchy subject matter to be in their library.

If she can make them look like bad guys, it helps her to feel like she is in the right in regard to mask and vaccination policies. Maybe she could even get others on her side. She's basically saying, 'the school board doesn't know what they are talking about with this COVID-19 stuff, because of other stuff they do wrong, like A, B, and C.' Catch my drift?

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She didn't do a very good job. Ha. In fact, she just made us all feel a little bit more uncomfortable and nervous around crazy white ladies. Way to go, Kara Q. Bell! You're on your way to being one of the most hated women in the Austin, Texas area. Congratulations!

I feel terribly sorry for your children. They must be pretty embarrassed that their mom can't keep it together or behave in public. This isn't the first time she has made the news and I'm sure it won't be the last. The book was removed from the library for review. I wonder if she has ever read The Bible, because that book is friggin' crazy! It's full of dirty s***. Just sayin'.

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