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Ahhh, yes...Here we have a fine example of a male Karen, totally losing his mind and acting like a douche bag at a Hampton Inn in Galveston before being told to get off of the property.

We haven't shared a good Karen story in a while and jumped at the opportunity to show off this fine specimen, especially because it happened right here in Texas. Lucky us.

I feel pretty sorry for the woman with him. This must have been embarrassing for her. Then again, if she's married to him or dating him, she probably knows he's a jerk.

My favorite part about the video is when an employee tells him to "GO F*** YOUR MOM." This is a classic come-back when dealing with Karens of this nature. They really have to be put in their place. Otherwise, they may not completely grasp that they need to go the hell away and shut the eff up.


When will they learn? Why does anyone ever think it's okay to behave this way to strangers in a public setting, or any setting at all for that matter? Do they not understand that it takes a quick couple of seconds for someone to start taking a video of them to blast across the internet? There are consequences for causing a scene these days.

Sometimes, I wonder if these entitled bullies were treated poorly as children. Other times, I wonder if they've been spoiled their entire life into thinking that the world is theirs and theirs alone.

Hope you enjoy the video. Go forth, and be kind to everyone you meet today. You never know who is filming.

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