On Thursday, June 23rd, someone called in a bomb threat to the Social Security Office.

I don't even understand people who call in bomb threats. Do you know what they never find after a bomb threat? A bomb. I think real bombers want to cause damage and not necessarily chaos.

So let's think this through: #1) You get really mad at a place. #2) You call in a bomb threat. #3) The police arrive and everyone evacuates and gets to visit, smoke cigarettes or drink a coke in the parking lot. #4) The cops say 'all clear' and everyone goes back to work.

All of this is to say, all that's really accomplished when someone calls in a bomb threat is that the employees all get to go on break. The threat-makers' actions haven't accomplished anything. There's not really any terror or concern, and about the worst it ever gets is some nervous joking.

But let's go full stop. A real bomb would be one of the most despicable, terrible and indiscriminate killing devices ever. It would take the absolute worst of psychos to even consider such a thing. As for a person who makes bomb threats, well, those would be clowns who think they are "getting even" with a place for some perceived slight.

There's one thing that I hope doesn't change in all of this, and that's if someone calls in a bomb threat and they're caught, they should be prosecuted as if they were really putting lives in jeopardy. While most people laugh these things off, there's always the possibility that the stress is just too much for someone there.

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