Newly released video by the Fort Worth Police Department shows the moment things take a turn for chaotic in a park over Mother's Day weekend.

According to the FWPD Facebook page, the crowd of about 400 people gathered at Village Creek Park just after 5:30 p.m. on Sunday despite orders for social distancing still in place. Police say that people in the group were drinking alcohol and riding ATVs through the park, and that they were in violation of city ordinances.

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As more officers arrived, they used the PA systems in their vehicles to remind the crowd to practice social distancing and that they needed to disperse from the area. As you watch the video, you can see not many people following the officers' direction.

If you forward the video to the 5:45 mark, the crowd begins to disperse, but it's not clear if they are following orders from the officers at this point, or if tensions are beginning to escalate in the crowd. Just seconds later, gunshots ring out and send people running in every direction.

The incident occurs near the 5:45 mark in the video.

The shots sent the responding officers running toward the threat, eventually leading them to finding 5 shooting victims. Two of those victims were listed in critical condition as of Sunday, while the other three didn't suffer life-threatening injuries. According to FWPD, all of those victims are expected to survive.

No arrests have been reported, and what prompted the shooting was not immediately known.

According to KTRK, the crowd was initially reported as about 600 people, before a police spokesperson corrected the count.

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