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I guess I have to give a warning right off the bat that the video in question has some foul language. I mean, the guy's getting a tattoo on stage. There's gonna be some cursing.

I don't think anyone's ever gotten a tattoo while they were performing a stand-up routine. I did a quick google search just to check. The only results were Shayne Smith. He's a super tatted up comedian, and is pretty sick, by the way. And no, I didn't go past page 1 on the search results. Pages 2 and beyond scare me.

So this is a first. Pretty cool stuff. Pretty cool place, too. This all went down at Raider's Axe Gallery in Lubbock, and I happened to be there back on May 7th. I hung out for a few hours, and it's a sick little hideout. Axe throwing, a cage specifically for breaking stuff, live music and stand-up, I dig it.

While I was there, I became quick friends with Adam Morris, who told me he was doing this whole routine. I was immediately interested. Sadly, I had to work that evening so I wasn't able to see it happen in person, but luckily they recorded it all for our viewing pleasure. And what a pleasure it is. Well, it's a little bit painful watching it vertically, but what can you do?

So, yeah, check it out. It's a good routine. Yes, I watched the whole thing. Don't doubt me. At around 30 minutes the tattoo gets finished and then it's just a good ol' roast  session. Could I have figured that out by skipping through it to find when he actually stands up? Maybe. But I didn't. Trust me.

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