It's date night. You finally found a parking spot at Texas Roadhouse. You can already taste those rolls and the butter that must come straight from God himself. You try not to run full speed to your table...but that bread is calling your name.

You sit down. You have one roll. Then you have another roll, for good measure. Moments later, the server comes back with a second round of rolls...

"Just one more won't hurt.."

Next thing you know, your entree arrives. You realize that there is in fact physically no room left in your stomach for that delicious steak and baked potato.

You have eaten ALL of the rolls. Every last one.

You wonder if you will have to be rolled out of the restaurants. Your face is buttery. You're starting to sweat.  You casually look around the restaurant to see if anyone has noticed how many rolls you just consumed. Luckily, they are too busy gorging themselves on their own rolls to notice you unbuttoning your pants.

You remember exactly why a low-carb diet just isn't for you. Those rolls will never make fun of your rolls. Those rolls make the world go 'round.

If any of this registers with you, then you'll probably like this TikTok video posted a few days ago by user @b_loclark. It's very relatable.

If you are drooling as much as I am, be sure to comment on our KFMX Facebook. What's your favorite dish at Texas Roadhouse, or have you only ever stuffed your face with rolls and forgotten what else is on the menu? Might be time to make a trip back. I'll see you there. I'll be the one in sweat pants.

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