Even though we live in Texas, it's still not super common to see a guy racing his horse down the street in the middle of the city. TikTok user @ohmymacy spotted just that and has taken to the internet to search for the man she thinks is a total hottie.

Do you know who he is? Take a peek at the clip below:

Look familiar?

Most of the people commenting on the video are mainly just annoyed that the horse is running on concrete. I don't know anything about horses, but apparently the way he's riding it is very bad for the horse. Lots of horse enthusiasts seemed outraged at the guy for doing everything wrong and they were very, very vocal about it in the comment section.

One person said, "You don’t want a man who doesn’t know you’re not supposed to run a horse on concrete."

Another said, "Weight shifted back, stirrups too short, my man is out there playing with his life."

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The TikToker defended herself in the comments, saying, "I want to make this very clear: I don't care how he rides a horse- he's hot.&& I didn’t know this was bad for horses. I wasn’t the one riding…so chill."

So maybe they're a match made in heaven? She doesn't care much about horses and... neither does he? Uhhhhh, who knows? Hopefully, the horse is okay and this isn't an everyday type of situation.

In any case, if you happen to know who the mysterious rider is, send us a message via our app or comment on our Facebook page.

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