Props to TikToker @rooneyjuneboudoir for capturing the essence of living in Lubbock, Texas: Driving through a crazy haboob! There's nothing quite like it. 10/10 do not recommend.

Has it always been this bad? Or has this season been especially windy? I don't even know anymore. I've lived here most of my life and it seems like we've really had a bad time this year. But, then again, this is pretty bad.

Check out this 60-second video, accompanied by very chill beats that somehow make it soothing or something. Ha, whatever. Just watch it. It's a great video to share with your friends that have never been to Lubbock...and also a great way to make sure they never visit you...

Here it is below:

Did you guys get caught up in that? I've gotten pretty lucky this week and have all but avoided being out in the dirty wind. It's just been howling through my fireplace while I stare at my TV and make-believe that I live somewhere far far away...

Tropical. Snowy. Woodsy. It doesn't really matter at this point. Anything is better than what we've been dealing with in the Hub City.

Here's to hoping this weekend doesn't totally suck. Every time you think the weather is getting better, it changes its mind. That's Lubbock, Texas for you.

Do you have any crazy photos or videos of this weather? I'd love to see them. Share them in a comment below this article on our Facebook page.

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