There's a lot to love when it comes to vintage clothing. Unlike today's prevalent "fast fashion" vintage clothing was often made with durable, natural materials (excepting 70s polyester, of course).

The 90s aesthetic has hung around as a popular style for Xennials, and as an "elder" millennial who saw it the first go-round, it is also very popular with me. Words cannot express my gratitude for wide-leg jeans coming back into style. I'm living my best Junior High style life.

Vintage clothing has spiked in popularity for several reasons, and finding quality items in vintage stores can be a challenge when you are competing with so many "resellers" who buy items only to mark them up and sell them online.


Luckily for Texans, we have several top cities for vintage fashion shopping, according to data collected by The metrics they used to determine a good vintage clothing city are as follows:

• Vintage Store Count

•Vintage Store Averege Reviews

Let's take a look at each Texas City in the Top list, and a vintage store you can visit that has great reviews:

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