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Back in 2018, a boy named Mason Ramsey went viral for a video of him yodeling for a group of people in a Walmart. The video received millions of views and spread like wildfire through every social media platform.

Now, nearly four years later, Ramsey has made his return and is taking over TikTok with his new song. It’s called "Before I Knew It," and people can’t seem to get it out of their head.

Many people started making videos with the new song to express just how obsessed they are with it. My personal favorite videos are the ones where people joke about not liking country music or the yodeling kid, but still jamming to his music.

Ramsey has even joined the trend himself, making his own TikTok videos. It has also given us some insight into his life now that he is a teenager rather than the 11-year-old yodeling kid we first saw him as.

Apparently, aside from his singing career, he's also working at Subway. Many of the videos he's posted with his new song take place at the Subway restaurant he apparently works at.

It's so fun to see a kid that blew up from a viral video four years ago continue to have fun online and make music. He really is a talented kid, and I think he can go really far with his music, especially if he keeps going viral like this.

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