I was one, of what seemed like many, picking up a strike and/or being kicked off of Facebook this weekend.

I've kind of learned to watch my P's and Q's and "ASSH@LES" on Facebook. I walk away from pretty much every fight these days. I just don't have time for that nonsense. It never, ever, occurred to me that I'd get tagged for the post I got tagged for.

Let's start with the fact that you can find the Dumbass Of The Day on The RockShow Facebook (which is specifically "The RockShow With Chrissy And Wes" in case you're manually searching for it someday). We had posted a story a couple of weeks back about a nurse who was convinced her employer hypnotized her making her uncontrollably fart at work (yeah, because of course, we did). I don't know if it was because was titled "Dumbass Of The Day" or because of the nurse's name being involved, but I was kicked off of Facebook for three days for "Bullying".

Now all of this would be well and fine, but how am I supposed to learn my lesson if I don't know exactly what I did wrong? Do I quit using "Dumbass", or do I quit using names, or do I quit talking about people with uncontrollable farts?  I filed several times for a retraction of the strike or clarification and we all know all of that is even worse than being on hold with the electric company.  I've got no answers, I'm just one step closer to being totally kicked off with no recourse.

I actually heard from several people that they picked up strikes and bans this weekend with old posts. I'm not sure if Facebook let some CENSORBOT 2021 loose or what happened, but things are getting very hinky in Zuckerville. I bring all of this up to you just like I'd let you know if there was a speed trap up ahead...just be aware that the Facebook patrol is all hopped up on power and is handing out bans like free candy on Halloween.

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