Is it possible to ask for too much butter at Texas Roadhouse?

A viral TikTok posted by a Texas Roadhouse server has the internet arguing over whether or not it's rude or brilliant to ask for 9 extra servings of butter for only two people.

And, no, not the fancy cinnamon butter you're thinking of. Just regular butter.

It honestly might be a sin to just eat regular butter at Texas Roadhouse. I'm pretty sure I read that somewhere at Sunday school...

Anyway, here's her video that details a bizarre encounter with two customers that basically came to eat butter with a side of food:

Some of the commenters think that they requested extra just so that they wouldn't have to buy it at the store. Apparently, butter is expensive right now. I guess I've never noticed, but I'm just a single person and one box of butter usually lasts me a couple of months.

It looks like you might be able to get away without dropping cash on butter at the grocery store just by annoying your server to death and asking for more and more and more butter. Might as well just have asked them to fill up a to-go box.

People are weird. Whatevs.

Do you take advantage of free condiments like these people? Are you a butter-holic too? What's your favorite way to order at Texas Roadhouse? Drop me a comment below this article if you think it's weird to order 9 billion butters...

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