Football is back baby!

Drive past any city park or school and what do you see... Football


Everyone from little YFL players to middle school and high school aged kids suited out and working on running, catching, hitting, kicking, and blocking.

Drive past Texas Tech and roll down your windows and you'll hear grunts, crunching of pads, shouting coaches, and whistles.

All signs that football is back!

If you are a Tech fan you may not like what you saw in their last game, but you're a loyal fan and you hold out hope that the mighty Red Raiders will remind us all what it's like when they win.

If you are not able to go to the game this weekend why not consider catching the game on a big screen at The Cactus Theater located at 1812 Buddy Holly Ave for just $5.00, which is actually a food voucher, the actual viewing of the game is free.

More information here.


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