Growing up in Lubbock, my buddies and I used to love the cheap, greasy, delicious food from Lone Wolf. I'm kind of bummed that little spot isn't around anymore. I lived pretty close to the restaurant in high school and sometimes we would walk over and grab burritos and then wander through the adjacent cemetery, eating them, smoking cigarettes, and talking crap about angsty teenage things. Lone Wolf always seemed to be our first choice for food, likely because it was open super late and we were notorious for being out after curfew. Naughty kids.

I want to say the Mexican food was really good, but it could have just been that my fond memories were made by being there with my best friends. We were so close, we could have eaten out of a garbage can together and we would have done it smiling. Maybe the tacos were epic. Maybe they sucked. Who knows.

I decided to ask my friends on Facebook what they missed about the spot so many of us held dear. Below are my favorite answers:

"I miss their sh-tty margaritas." - Courtney H.

"Worst guacamole & salsa I've ever had, but it was across the street from my apartment & my drunk ass wasn't going to drive to McDonald's" - Lynlee B.

"Nothing says tasty like 49 cent tacos and a creepy drive-thru next to a graveyard" - Austin W.

"I used to order 20 tacos every time I went there. My fatass ate them all too." - Derek V.

"I miss them every day of my meaningless life." -Bethany I.

"God NO!" - Scarlet S.

"F*** yeah, great greasy drunk food!" - Theran E.

"Saw a dude order 75 tacos at like 4 am one time, dine in. He sat and ate the whole order by himself with the saddest look of resignation on his face. I'll never forget that." - Ronnie E.

"That was the spot back in the day." - Shelby W.

"Yes! I miss being able to get 30 tacos and no one cared and it was cheap. I still go there and eat but it’s not the same." - Jeremy G.

"Yes! Chorizo & egg burrito on the way home from gigs!" - Michael C.

Share your favorite memory of the restaurant with us in a comment below or on our Facebook page.

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