I want to call what happened Wednesday night a "squall" but that may not be the proper term.

NeverEnding Memories Photography
NeverEnding Memories Photography

The Storm

I guess a "squall" may be more of a seafaring term, but it does mean a short blast of high winds lasting minutes. The storm hit my house and was gone before I could fully prepare. In fact, what happened was my power surged a couple of times, went out, then came back on, followed by several minutes of intense rain and winds.

The Damage

A neighbor close by lost a huge branch off a healthy tree and leaves were stripped off many of the branches nearby. The whole thing was almost like our North Lubbock neighborhood was targeted. It wasn't until later that I found out a lot of other people were affected all over the city.

The Photo

I was sent a photo by a friend with NeverEnding Memories Photography who snapped a quick shot of something I have never, ever seen before. The giant American flag that flies over camping world was pretty much torn it half (the tear was more ragged than that, but I think you get the point. Have a look:

NeverEnding Memories
NeverEnding Memories

An Amazing Coincidence

A showed the picture around the studios and one coworkers wife actually drove over the missing part of the flag because it had landed on Loop 289! That is one huge hunk of fabric to have to encounter.

What's Left

I did travel by Camping World this morning, and it appears they took the rest of the flag down, no doubt out of respect. This should be a lesson to everyone though, West Texas winds are no joke!

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