The coronavirus pandemic has been a trying time for everyone, especially those who have lost job opportunities because of social distancing measures. There are plenty of great performers hosting online performances to give themselves the chance to continue performing, but also to entertain their fans virtually.

My friend and fellow comedian Jenni Moore is on a mission to keep West Texas performers on stage and is looking for support from the community.

Jenni gives the deets below:

I represent Soul Anchor Entertainment, an agency that produces and books comedy and music shows across West Texas. We are looking to work with nonprofits to raise money for them and entertainers who are struggling during this time. We're working with community theaters to produce live online shows via zoom with a live audience at the theater (at the theater's discretion). We go out and find sponsorships from local businesses for the show, sell tickets, preferably through the theater's existing ticketing service, and all funds are split with the nonprofit 50/50. We book a variety of music and comedy acts that are able to deliver entertainment that appeals to a very broad audience. We handle promo materials, equipment (if no house sound is available), setup, and breakdown. We have a strong social media presence and, when coupled with your online presence, we expect healthy turnouts at these events.  Any leads on sponsorship would be greatly appreciated!

Comedian Cory Evans
Comedian Cory Evans

If you would like to become a sponsor for virtual content, whether by donating money, time, space, or even talent, email Jenni Moore at or follow their Facebook page, where you can get all the updates on upcoming virtual shows like this one.

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