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I'm the kind of dork that likes to crunch the numbers, analyze the data and read the tea leaves before attending a show. And since I did it for myself, I might as well share what I think the playlist tonight will be like with you.

Setlistfm.com is a great source for finding out who played what songs where, and if a song is played in multiple venues, its a decent bet that it'll be played here as well. Although, as a caveat, depending on the market size some performers like to test things out. This is especially true for comedians, they'll frequently try material out on a smaller Lubbock market. But Corey is wildly successful anyway, so I don't suspect he'll take that tactic.

Judging by previous playlists, Corey will do plenty of solo stuff and Stone Sour, and maybe one or two Slipknot songs. So far he's only been performing Snuff. He'll also share with us some awesome covers. He's covered a wide range of other performers like Eddie Money, INXS, Pink Floyd, Dead Boys and oh my god would I love to hear him cover The Damned.

Some mainstays so far on the tour include: HWY 666, Meine Lux, Halfway Down, Samantha's Gone, Silverfish, and Black Eyes Blue.  For Stone Sour songs, you can reasonably expect to hear: Taciturn, Through Glass, Song #3, and Zzyzx Rd. Corey will likely perform at least one song on piano.

Will Corey do something special just for us, like a Buddy Holly song? Metallica and Pearl Jam both did, so we will just have to wait and see.

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