It's about to go off up in here.

Last week, as Texas legislators debated HB 1927 (the Texas Constitutional Carry bill), a new phrase was introduced that conjures up all kinds of images as to the types of people who would be flooding into our state, infiltrating our delicate way of life here in the Lone Star State.

Actually, perhaps we should let Texas State Representative Ann Johnson explain how fear would be struck into our hearts should this bill pass...


That's right, Cowboy Pimps...I guess?

Image: Youtube User-NinjaInNikes
YouTube via NinjaInNikes

Well, this may NOT be totally representative of exactly who the illustrious state representative may be referring to, but I'm a Dave Chappelle fan, so deal with it.

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In her remarks, Rep. Johnson is clearly trying to illustrate that if HB 1927 is passed, our towns, restaurants, businesses and places of family reflection would be overrun with a criminal element, who would most certainly be packing heat and looking for trouble.

In the end, this fear may be unfounded anyway, as Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick has stated that he does not feel that the measure has the votes necessary in the State Senate for passage.

But you must ask, what would someone going for the "Wild West Pimp Style" look need to pull that ensemble off? Perhaps a cowboy hat with a copious amount of feathers? Bling'd out Chaps?


Actually, I think that's exactly the look I'd be going for if "Wild West Pimp Style" was my fashion focus. Thank you, Kenny Powers, for showing us the way.

However, I would be remiss if I didn't share this classic bit of comedy from Dave Chappelle as Silky Johnson.


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