In the past 40 years, we've ditched the blue laws, brought booze into town, and sent the strip club out of town. And, that's about it.

Digital Vision.
Digital Vision.

Here's the question I would ask myself if I was wrapping up a term as mayor, "what did I do?".  It's a pretty big question. For my money, our current mayor has managed the town and that's about it. I guess that's cool. It's a big job and somebody's got to do it. Then again, don't we have a city manager for that?

A mayor should have a vision and should get that vision out to everyone. If there's a vision for Lubbock, I sure as heck don't know what it is. I can't wait to hear those campaign ads that claim a list of accomplishments because I sure as heck don't know what they are.  I guess, maybe, this mayor might be known as the one that gave the Coliseum and Auditorium away and that's not really a gold star achievement.

You think Lubbock is growing now? What if we added to the quality of life around here? What if we had things here that not only attracted more move-ins but made people second guess leaving here as well?

A vision for Lubbock is crucial, and it's something we should look for in our next mayor.

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