There are some people that would do anything to be on TV. Now there are certain things that are red flags for me and there isn't any amount of money or prizes to get me to do it.

Some of the red flags for me would be, if I am invited to be on a talk show because Danielle has a secret to tell me. That is a big H#ll No, if it's that important I am not about to go TV to hear a secret.

The other is if I can't see whats going or what I am about to do. And that is just case in this video from a Danish TV show where this bro has to walk into a pitch black room and you have to identify an object by smell.

What did this bro expect to smell? after smelling the first 2 objects he goes nose first into a dudes @$$! And he is all up in it and you can see his reaction right here.

There is some booty cheeks in this video which makes it NOT SAFE FOR WORK.

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