Yellowstone actor Mo Brings Plenty was recently spotted at the Firehouse Subs located off of University Ave. and the Marsha Sharp Freeway in Lubbock, Texas on January 4th, 2022.

Lubbock local Jason Luther stopped by the sandwich shop, ran into Mo and managed to snag a photo. Luther later posted the photo to the LBK Foodies Facebook group to share his encounter. The caption of the post read: "Kind of food related, met Mo from Yellowstone at Firehouse Subs across from Tech today. He's been filming at the 6666 ranch."

I reached out to Luther and got more information about his encounter with Mo. He said that he instantly recognized the Yellowstone actor when he came into the sandwich shop. His wife insisted that he introduce himself, so he approached the star and asked if he was 'Mo.' He said 'yes,' and Luther expressed that he's a big fan of Yellowstone and asked if he was here filming for 6666.

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Mo confirmed that he's in the area filming for the new show and that he was really enjoying his time in Lubbock. Luther then asked how long Mo thought he would be in Lubbock, to which he responded that he could be there for six weeks or six months; he really didn't know for sure. Luther shared with me that Mo was extremely polite and repeatedly thanked him for watching the series.

It's always so exciting when you have these celebrity encounters, but you would never expect them to happen in a place like Lubbock, Texas. However, the ranch is only an hour or so outside of Lubbock, so it makes sense to see the actors around town while they are filming. Lubbock did get the nickname the Hub City for a reason, and this is a great example why.

Although there's not much info out there about the new Yellowstone spinoff 6666, we should expect to see more information, as well as a possible premier, sometime in 2021. Til then, you can watch all four seasons of Yellowstone and its prequel series, 1883, right now on Paramount+.

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