During Tuesday's City of Lubbock Council, the required hearing of comments regarding the Juvenile Curfew Ordinance was conducted. The last time the topic was discussed was during a meeting held in 2016 when the council voted on whether to abolish, modify or continue the ordinance.

Juvenile Curfew Rules are enforced by Lubbock Police Department in accordance with the ordinance § Chapter 18 Article II Section 18-46. The curfew remains the same throughout the year, including during summer break. A synopsis of the ordinance lists the curfew rules, which apply to any person 16-years-old or younger.

Nighttime curfew

  • Unlawful to remain at any public place or establishment (business) within the city limits from 11 pm to 6 am Sunday through Thursday. (even during summer vacation)
  • On Friday and Saturday nights or the day before a school holiday (or scheduled day off), the hours are from 12:00 midnight till 6 am.

Daytime curfew

  • Any person from six years of age through sixteen years of age, cannot be at any public place or establishment (business) between 9 am and 2:30 pm, during a school day.

Penalties for violation of the ordinance can include fines from $1 to $500 as determined by the Municipal Court. There are exceptions to curfew rules according to the Lubbock Police Department:

  • There is no curfew violation if the juvenile is with their parent, legal guardian or authorized adult supervisor.
  • While exercising First Amendment rights at a parade or demonstration (authorized by the City of Lubbock) or other bona fide religious, social or school activities involving the right to assemble.
  • While performing a legitimate errand or other business at the direction of a parent, guardian or supervisory adult including traveling to and from the location by a direct route.
  • Juvenile can be outside (in front of the juveniles home) on the sidewalk or on sidewalk of either next-door neighbor (same side of the street), if the neighbor does not object.
  • When the juvenile is actively engaged in employment activities.
  • Above listed exceptions allows travel to and from the activity by a direct route.

In addition to the exceptions listed above, Daytime Curfew, for children ages six through sixteen years, also have some exceptions:

  • The previous exceptions also apply to daytime curfew as well as the following exceptions.
  • Exception allowed during scheduled school vacations or holidays where juvenile is enrolled.

Exception given to juveniles who;

  • have graduated from high school;
  • received their high school equivalency certificate;
  • are emancipated by law;
  • have received permission from a school official to be absent from school or to be in a public place;
  • are home schooled; the parent can give permission for the juvenile to be out in public.

Parents or guardians will also be held responsible for knowingly allowing a child to violate the curfew ordinance so be sure to check with the Lubbock Police Department Juvenile Section at 806-775-2788 if you are unsure about the rules or if you do not know the whereabouts of a minor in your care.

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