The Lubbock Coliseum is coming down soon and thoughts of that reminded me that there used to a whole "scene" in the area before a show.

I don't know why but I was reminded of the symbiotic relationship that the Coliseum had with the original Copper Caboose.  First, you have to remember that area without the Marsha Sharp Freeway. Now, remember that the closest place for beer and food before and after shows was the Caboose. That place would pack out like crazy for a little pregaming, concert ticket swapping, nightcaps and whatever else you might do before or after a show.

Some of you may not know that there was a time when fajitas were not a thing. The Caboose was the first to bring them to Lubbock.  The Caboose spent 21 years across from the Lubbock Coliseum at 4th and Boston. In addition to preshow fun, the Copper was the original location for the legendary FMX Monday Night Football parties.  The Caboose legacy does live on elsewhere and rightfully so.



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