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I've seen some funky stuff go down in the high school bathroom, but this is ridiculous.

I've never really understood the idea behind vandalizing a bathroom. I get wanting to "stick it to the man" and get the higher ups' attention, but by doing something like this you're inconveniencing so many innocent people in the process.

I don't even think this is a sign to those in power, though. This is just dumb.

This past Monday, November 14th, somebody managed to tear the stalls off of the bathroom wall at Plainview High School. Plainview ISD said that the stalls were damaged enough to where they couldn't be reinstalled or repaired, and that they were offering a reward for anyone with information on who did this.

How this mystery person(s) managed to do this is completely baffling to me.

Are high schoolers able to accomplish such feats of strength like ripping a bathroom stall off the wall? I don't know many adults that could do something like that. Plus, how could something like this have happened without anyone noticing?

Many people took to Facebook to express their confusion with the entire situation. Some people, like me, have a hard time believing something like this could happen so "quickly and quietly." Another said "It can't be possible that the students removed them quietly and the PHS police didn't hear a thing," which is a fair observation. Plus, don't they have cameras all throughout the school?

Multiple people claim that they've heard the students saying the school removed the stalls because of students vaping in the bathroom, and this isn't even too farfetched.

At my old high school, one of the bathrooms on the first floor had no stall doors. You had to look your fellow student in the eye while you did the deed. No one used this bathroom, of course, but it shows that schools are willing to just...do something like this or at the very least be okay with these sorts of things happening. I've known a few megalomaniacal school administrators in my day that would absolutely do something like this.

We can theorize all day, but the bottom line is that the boy's bathroom at Plainview High School has no stalls. The school district wants anyone with information on this incident to call the Plainview Hale County Crime Stoppers at 806-296-1182 or email them at PHCTXCS@gmail.com.

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