There is a fairly new neighborhood off of Upland and 98th which is a really nice area with quite a few young families living there. When I was visiting my parents there this weekend, my mom told me about some kids who apparently drove around on a golf cart and terrorized the neighborhood last week.

According to posts made on the neighborhood's Facebook group, the kids caused quite a bit of damage. The damage started with them running over a construction barrel and dragging it down the road until it came off in the middle of the street. They proceeded to continue driving down the road, flipping open some of the mailboxes on their way, according to social media posts.

It may not seem too bad so far, but it gets worse.

The kids apparently decided to take a pumpkin and throw it at a car parked on the street. Then, they ran over a construction cone, also dragging that down the road, and almost ran into a truck driving past them.

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I don't understand how these kids’ parents allowed this to happen. Why would you let your kids drive a golf cart around unattended, especially when they act so recklessly? They could have easily injured themselves or someone else with how they were behaving.

We don’t know for sure how the kids got ahold of the golf cart, and we also don't know the age of the children involved. I'm assuming the parents could have just let them take the cart, thinking everything would be fine. Or maybe the kids stole it? Either way, it's not okay to allow your children to put themselves and others in danger like this.

Not only did they run over construction material, but they also vandalized someone's property by throwing a pumpkin at a car. There's a good chance that there was even more damage done that simply wasn't seen by the person who posted about it on the Facebook page.

This neighborhood is pretty small and only a few families own golf carts, so it would probably be easy to identify whose golf cart it was.

Despite the description of a white, gas-ran golf cart with rear seats, and knowing that this neighborhood only has so many people that own a cart in the first place, the parents of the children have yet to speak up or apologize.

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