Not only is it a tasty side dish, but it's also my direct motivation for getting up in the morning. Sometimes, the only thing that can really get me up and at 'em is the thought of getting to see the BEANS graffiti on the way to work. It's a truly magnificent sight.

Okay, it's not that big of a deal, but it's still very funny to me.

This tag is everywhere around my neighborhood. It's on Utica:


What's really funny to me is that someone went through the trouble of covering up one of the BEANS, but the other one about 50 feet away remains.


And you can see it spray painted on a sign behind the Walmart on the South Loop:


These are only the spots I could remember off the top of my head. I'm sure there are tons more around town.

So who's responsible for this display of child-like humor? And why am I so obsessed with it?

Perhaps it's the name of a violent gang that will now track me down to my address and steal my belongings? Maybe it's a code for LP&L workers since it's usually found on utility poles? Be Extra Aware Near Site? Is it God trying to send us a message?

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The real answer is that it's probably just some kids who think that BEANS is funny and wanted to spray paint it around town just to get a good laugh. I mean, I think it's funny. Beans are good meme material and seeing it all around the town I live in makes me smirk when I drive past it.

I'm likely making a bigger deal out of this than it ever needed to be, and that's okay. It makes me laugh and maybe it made you laugh, too. Eat BEANS.

See more pictures of the bizarre graffiti below:

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