The biggest question on Dexter this week wasn't whether Deb would accept Dexter's "Dark Passenger", it was "who was THAT girl". Her name is Yvonne Strahovski and not only is she HOT, she has a HOT Australian accent at well.

Of course those of you who watched "Chuck" already know Yvonne as the leading lady. I myself did not see the show so she was a breathe of fresh air when she showed up on screen in Dexter.  Yvonne plays the part of a woman who went on a "Natural Born Killers" kind of run with a serial killer.  At this time, we're being told she was an 'innocent' bystander to all the misdeeds, but this is Dexter so who knows what will be revealed in the future.  Here's the lovely Ms. Strahovski talking about her character:

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