My first experience to a CBR event was not only memorable but it guaranteed that I would be back to check out the most metal sport I have ever seen.

Now before I explain how bull riding and metal go together let me hook you up with the details with the CBR which is coming to Lubbock on February 2nd. We will throw it down at 8pm on Saturday February 2nd at the City Bank Coliseum. If you need more details including tickets then click here.

Now this is why I think bull riding and metal should go together, because it is a straight mosh pit for 8 seconds between a bull and the rider. This is absolutely crazy to see someone that wants to get on one of these huge animals and try to ride them. There are some people that see a mosh pit and think well that's just crazy why would someone want to be in their getting beat around and stuff.


Well I say this bull riders are WAY more crazy than metal heads, because there isn't any amount of money that could get me on those bulls. But the next metal show that comes to town, bet that I'll be right in the middle of the pit.

I hope that you will think outside your box and come and watch the world's craziest athletes throw down at the Championship Bull Riding on February 2nd.

I also fell across something really cool to show you that bull riding and metal go together. What you need to do is play both videos at the same time and lower the volume on the bull riding video and blast the Pantera video so you get to watch some bull riding with Pantera playing and tell me that they don't go hand in hand.


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