Where are the issues? Where are those zingers?

I'm sure that the folks all running for mayor will all do a fine job of keeping the shiny side of Lubbock up. Here's a question though: do you know what any of them stand for? Do you know what any of them plan to do?  Do you even know who any of them are?

Of course, you have no idea what any of these folks will do because they almost to a fault just run a campaign full of approved buzzwords that no longer carry any meaning.

How much intestinal fortitude does it take to say you stand for "less spending"? Of course they're for less spending because everyone is. With this kind of boring campaigning, the most common-sounding name with an R next to it (do they do that for the mayoral race?) will win. Yay for us!

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We cannot continue on this path. We have to build things. We have to grow. We have to run Lubbock like a business with a little investment into the future here and there all while keeping one eye on your pocketbook. Why do you think your kids move away as soon as they can? Why do you think all those Texas Tech students, who should give us an incredible workforce, bail as quickly as they can?

Using your tax dollars efficiently is very important and so is upgrading our infrastructure. Saving a nickel is good, but sometimes you have to spend a dime building a park. Right now Texas Tech has the eyes of the world on Lubbock, and we should have been prepared to take advantage of that.

Apparently, we're going to kick the can down the road for however long whatever mayor is elected. Trust me, if they have no vision going in, they will not get one once in office. They'll just play it slow and low to the ground to keep getting re-elected.

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