An animal rescue group out of Lubbock, Texas called "The Good Dog Gang" shared a public post on Facebook, claiming they had no choice but to euthanize 12 puppies last Friday. They claimed that the puppies showed "extreme aggression, towards each other, other puppies, and adult dogs". However, the comment section tells a completely different story.

Here's what they had to say about the incident. If it sounds fishy to you, then you aren't alone.

This entire situation led to hundreds of comments and complaints. It seems like there was a little more to the story. Something just doesn't add up.

One woman shared an image of the puppies and claimed that they weren't aggressive at all and that several other local rescues begged to come and pick the puppies up before they were euthanized. She even posted a video of herself petting one of the puppies on the tummy in the comments. It looks like an absolute doll.


Most commenters agree that the rescue group was simply overwhelmed by caring for the puppies and made up excuses for why they put them down, which is terribly sad. Others think something more sinister might be at hand.

One commenter really raised some questions as to what exactly this "animal rescue" is up to:

"I personally know her and what she has done to countless animals under her care! This is not the first time she has EU dogs, as in multiples! Pregnant moms, she has had Euthanasia! Her boyfriend works at LAS and has all the resources she needs to make that happen! Why don’t you scroll her page and see how many “unfortunately we had to Eu” posts she has? Go ahead, I will wait! So everyone making comments do know the nut case she is! The bad overrides the hood in what she does!"

So, what exactly is going on at The Good Dog Gang? There are more questions than answers, at this point. The dog rescue hasn't responded to anyone in the comments, nor have they deleted anything anyone has said. They've left it wide open for you to make your own judgment, and right now, I feel like something criminal is taking place there.

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