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Binge-watching has become the normal way to digest entertainment in our home. Kids and adults alike have their own preferences for binge-watching material, but couples binge-watching has implications far beyond that of simply enjoying a new TV series or movie.

I'm sure that scientists and researchers are crunching numbers and data to determine all of the science behind why people enjoy binge-watching some things and not others, but what about the effects on relationships?

Sitting alone at home in the dark with a remote can feel just as scandalous as betraying the trust of some of the most significant relationships in our lives if you both have agreed to not watch something without the other. Deciding to tell your partner that you cheated by watching ahead or completing the finale of something you were watching together is not an easy endeavor.

Coming to terms with what I had done, it had to be said, and the truth needed to be heard from my lips before someone else broke the tragic binge-cheating news to my man-friend.

It may seem like a slight violation of trust, but I found out by coming clean that there are some boundaries in regard to our entertainment intake that would be deemed disrespectful and that I'm not the only one in this relationship to have binge-cheated. So the score is even and I have a way to satisfy my scandalous side safely in the comfort of my own television.

Now, excuse me...I have a remote to talk dirty to.

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