If you're grandpa didn't tell you to take care of your teeth and feet, then he surely should have.

Some of you have never had a good pair of work boots. While I can't tell you how many years a good pair of boots will last, I can tell you that I was going through three pairs of the cheapies a year...and I'm just a freakin' DJ on the radio.

You've probably heard the ads on 94.5 FMX for Boot City and thought they were just western wear. That's not accurate at all. Working men need work boots. Some of you are good with cowboy boots, but some of you may need dedicated work kicks. Twisted X makes some insanely appropriate boots to protect your feet on the job site.

Do you know how amazing it is to have a pair of steel-toe work boots? That's how I switched over. I had a broken toe and didn't want you guys moshing on it during concerts. That's 100 percent true.

We're giving you a chance to protect your feet, to whatever degree you want, with a new pair of Twisted X work boots from Boot City. Your feet will thank you, and you'll thank us years from now.

Go ahead and get entered now by clicking the big button below and following the instructions. We'll draw a winner on the morning of Tuesday, January 12th, 2021. The winner will receive a gift card for a free pair of Twisted X Boots (worth up to $200). Good luck!

*This is a multi-station contest for VIP club members on kfmx.com, 1025kiss.com, awesome98.com, lonestar995fm.com, kfyo.com and kkam.com.

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