Regardless of your feelings about the COVID-19 vaccines, you can't help but notice that there's a huge wave of incentives going on to convince people to get their shots. Some states have gone so far to introduce lotteries which offer up cash prizes to those who get vaccinated.

To me, that smacks of desperation and is the wrong way to go about convincing people to get their shot. Even still, others are resorting to other, more head-scratching ways to make that argument.

This is the wrong way:

This may be the least punk rock thing we've ever heard of. Remember back in the day when punk was about being anti-establishment? Well, this is the exact opposite.

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According to NBC News, the concert promoter claims that he was just trying to find ways to encourage his community to get vaccinated, so he came up with the idea of reducing the price to an upcoming concert featuring punk bands Teenage Bottlerocket, MakeWar and Rutterkin (yeah, we don't know them either).

The reduced price of $18 per ticket would only apply to those who showed ID and proof of vaccination. If a ticket buyer does not show proof, the price would go up to a mind-blowing $999.99 per ticket.

One thousand dollars. 

For a punk show at a VFW Post in Florida.

No. Thank. You.

The promoter in question says that the bands have all signed off on this, stating that they've all been vaccinated and encourage their young fans to do the same. Ray Carlisle, singer and guitar player for Teenage Bottlerocket, told a local TV station:

"We're all vaccinated. We encourage everyone to get vaccinated so we can see you in the pit"

This is where they lose the argument. The promoter also stated that anyone who pays the $1,000 will be treated no differently than anyone who's been vaccinated at the show. No social distancing, etc. In other words, it's just a cash grab, and the least punk rock thing ever.

So far, no one has been dumb enough to buy the $1,000 ticket yet.

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