Someone is going to be King (or Queen) of this year's Hub City Comic Convention.

So let's start here. Should "King" be open to both sexes? I kind of think so. It's really no matter, because we aren't going to award you a crown and a robe. Rather, we're going to let you experience Hub City Comic Convention with a kingly treatment.

One lucky winner will score:

  • Two (2) VIP passes to Hub City Comic Convention, which gets you in for the weekend + a ton of goodies
  • Two (2) passes to experience the creepy Yandere Escape Room
  • Two (2) passes to the prize-filled Neko Neko Maid Cafe
  • Two (2) passes to the official Hub City Comic Convention After Party
  • A $100 Visa gift card from BPL Plasma to buy a ton of nerdy merch

Sounds sweet, doesn't it? Well, get yourself all signed up right here, and get ready to rock, Your Highness!

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