It's no secret some of the best commercials make their debut during the "big game." It is also no secret that those commercials are meant to be funny. Then there are commericals that you may not remember the first time you saw them, and that you know were not supposed to be funny that for whatever reason make you laugh like hell when you see them.

I don't know why, but for some reason some of those anti- smoking commercials from "Truth" have that affect on me. (Maybe because I smoke like a freight train)

I will never forget the first night I saw this commerical I thought it was a skit during Saturday Night Live. Only a few days later when i saw it during a football game did I realize it was a real commercial spot, and even then I still laughed like hell.

Don't get me wrong, the subject is serious, the damage done is serious, but in my warped mind this commercial is freaking hilarious. I mean really, live life, hell I could be driving along and someone knucklehead runs and red-light and takes me out anyway.