It may get harder to light up in Lubbock, or anywhere in Texas.  Right now Lubbockites can only puff in Sportsbars, but Everything Lubbock is reporting that that may soon go away:

If a new bill by Senator Rodney Ellis passes, local bars would no longer be exempt from the rule. The bill would ban smoking in all bars, restaurants and other indoor public places in the state.

via Statewide Smoking Ban Possible -

I've got this to say, much like the lightbulb thing...who cares? How about worrying how we're going to fund our schools? How about making sure local school districts cut the fat instead of special education programs? How about securing our border? How about for once getting off your fat legislative asses and solving some real problems?!?! We can worry about smoking once everything else is taken care of, right now we're in big trouble with the budget and it needs to be fixed.

Anyways, after listening to me bitch, you need some entertainment. Everyone acts like they just figured out smoking is a problem, check out this Goofy cartoon from 1952.