Nature must be mad at Texas or something.

I only walked out of one movie in my life. When I was a little kid I had to bail on a "nature strikes back" film called "Frogs" (gimme a break, I was just a little kid). In the movie frogs, snakes tarantulas, and other creatures poison, bite, and generally freak people out until they die. It's not a good thing.

My past with this movie may be why I take note when I see stories about giant, 15-inch, poisonous worms that have been spotted in Texas. Again, have a peep, because these things are nightmare fuel:

YouTube/Inside Edition
YouTube/Inside Edition

So these murder-worms kill regular earthworms which are good for the soil, so that's pretty terrible. They also have a substance on their skin that can cause irritation or send your pet straight to the vet. So are you ready for a new horrifying revelation? Get ready for this:


Yes, life just got terribly real. Just cutting them up with your shovel is a non-starter. They can come back from being cut up and then you'll have multiple ones to deal with. If this regeneration of the separate parts is not the premise for a horror-movie, then it needs to be RIGHT NOW.

I am not making any of this up. I managed to find a YouTube video from about a year ago with all the deets on the nasty (now) Texas Hammerhead Flatworms.

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